October 30, 2009

How to Enable Registry Editor

Now days many people are suffering problem that registry editor has been disabled due to some virus/malware. Here are few methods to enable registry editor in windows

1- Go to run - > cmd -> type cd \windows\regedit.exe regedit.com

2- Through Group Policy
Hit the window or click start button then click on ‘RUN’
Type gpedit.msc
Click on Administrative Templates
Click the System and locate the Prevent access to registry editing tools and double click on it
Select the enabled on the option button and click apply.
After clicking on apply select the disabled in the option button then click the apply again then click ok button when finished.
The disabled button will make the policy into default, the computer will automatically configured it and becomes a default comfig which is the registry editor can be access by the user.

3- Through Hijackthis.exe
Search in Google for hijackthis.exe.
Download the application.
Execute the hijack this application.
Accept the agreement.
Click on do a system scan and save a log.
Locate option that reads regedit.exe or registry or sounds like referring to registry editing tools.
Check mark the option and click on Fix checked.

4- Through Unhook.Inf
If the above described steps do not work, you can use the unhook.inf by symantec.
Simply copy this code and place in new notepad file. Save it using the filename unhook.inf

HKLM, Software\CLASSES\batfile\shell\open\command,,,"""%1"" %*"
HKLM, Software\CLASSES\comfile\shell\open\command,,,"""%1"" %*"
HKLM, Software\CLASSES\exefile\shell\open\command,,,"""%1"" %*"
HKLM, Software\CLASSES\piffile\shell\open\command,,,"""%1"" %*"
HKLM, Software\CLASSES\regfile\shell\open\command,,,"regedit.exe ""%1"""
HKLM, Software\CLASSES\scrfile\shell\open\command,,,"""%1"" %*"
HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System,DisableRegistryTools,0x00000020,0

Right click on this file and click on install. Now your regedit.exe is being recovered.


  1. I use second option and its working, thanks

  2. i tried all your steps but it doesn't solve my problem. it's still "disabled by your administrator" any solution? btw thanks.

  3. I used fourth option and it solved my issue...thanx buddy

  4. Thank you. No. 2 was successful for me.
    Please update the steps to reflect selecting "Administrator Templates" in the "User Configuration" section, not the "Computer Configuration."